Mar. 2nd, 2009

OK. This is not a joke, it's not funny, and it is dire.

I am so poor right now, I can't even pay attention.

Leonard Cohen is coming to town April 3rd 2009, and I don't have a ticket. Unless one of my peeps takes me, I can not go.
That would be a tragedy I will never recover from, as he is in his 70s, and it is not likely that I will ever have the chance to see him again. He is my ultimate favorite poet and musician, and I have memories of my mother singing "Suzanne" to me when I was a baby.

It would mean the world to me to see him in person.

This is my 3rd cry for help, and not my final. I will wail and moan and cry until someone decides to take me.

I will be the prettiest date you ever had. I will wear either my 1950s see through lace dress, or my 1930s dragon lady dress (once owned by the famous dancer "Mimi"), your choice. And I will cook for you, make you some jewelry, and a hat. Or make you a another piece of art.

I am seriously begging, and I am desperate. If you love Leonard Cohen as much as I do, then you understand why I have been reduced to begging.

I know the tickets are expensive, but if you are going anyways, what's one more ticket? Really, I will clean your house, and do your chores. I will organize your messy computer.

Let me know your terms.

[ profile] lapig93 has sponsored my night with Leonard Cohen. Thank you so much, dear brother.

I am going to take myself on a date, and get all dressed up sharp. I am so excited. I could jump out of my skin.



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