Anyone else obsessed with Stevie Nicks? I've had this Fleetwood Mac thing going on since high-school. I get obsessed, and that is the only thing on my turn table for weeks.
Stevie haunts me. Her voice haunts me. Her aire haunts me. She makes me feel a sense of meaning and of suffering (I can't explain it, it's a trance thing).
The music is an interface into these strange people, who I am endlessly curious about.

I love, love, love this song "Silver Springs", but never heard it before the live album The Dance from 1997. I was listening to it today, and I got to thinking what's up with this haunting, beautiful song?
Well, it was from the Rumours songs, but at the last minute they told her it wasn't going on the album. It ended up as a B side, all but lost and forgotten.

It reappeared later, I guess it was their reunion concert stuff. And the last night of the show, when they performed this song, it was a like a moment in time when her and Lindsey Buckingham were in love again. Working it out, getting closure.

She was only married once, to her best friends widower, and it lasted 3 months.
I believe she has carried a torch for Buckingham her whole life. She never had her own children.

She spends a great deal of her time doing charity work.



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