[Error: unknown template qotd] The time that burger king wrote Allah sideways on their ice cream cone packaging.
[livejournal.com profile] lapig93 has sponsored my night with Leonard Cohen. Thank you so much, dear brother.

I am going to take myself on a date, and get all dressed up sharp. I am so excited. I could jump out of my skin.
OK. This is not a joke, it's not funny, and it is dire.

I am so poor right now, I can't even pay attention.

Leonard Cohen is coming to town April 3rd 2009, and I don't have a ticket. Unless one of my peeps takes me, I can not go.
That would be a tragedy I will never recover from, as he is in his 70s, and it is not likely that I will ever have the chance to see him again. He is my ultimate favorite poet and musician, and I have memories of my mother singing "Suzanne" to me when I was a baby.

It would mean the world to me to see him in person.

This is my 3rd cry for help, and not my final. I will wail and moan and cry until someone decides to take me.

I will be the prettiest date you ever had. I will wear either my 1950s see through lace dress, or my 1930s dragon lady dress (once owned by the famous dancer "Mimi"), your choice. And I will cook for you, make you some jewelry, and a hat. Or make you a another piece of art.

I am seriously begging, and I am desperate. If you love Leonard Cohen as much as I do, then you understand why I have been reduced to begging.

I know the tickets are expensive, but if you are going anyways, what's one more ticket? Really, I will clean your house, and do your chores. I will organize your messy computer.

Let me know your terms.

My Hindi sign language is not so good
Maybe it's Aisha's fault with her weird eclipse.
Do I have any Houston contacts willing to courtier two visas to Dallas in the morning?
I pay round trip ticket and owe big favor.

*EDIT*: David found a passport/visa guy (at 10:30 at night) who will make the impossible happen (including dealing with bureaucrats, politicians, professors, clerks, and the evil flight attendent [waitress]). If you need a good passport/visa guy, let me know.
We're on the road back to San diego from L.A. and listening to a 70s radio station. This one song comes on and David turns down the music saying "some 70s music gives me a migraine". So I'm like "what did you get a spanking while that song was on?", and he's like " no, it's like someone blowing cigarette smoke I'm my face!"

I can't stop laughing
[Error: unknown template qotd] Here's the truth about the freezer light: you know how the fridge light is on when you open the door? Well, the freezer light is only on when you shut the door! How 'bout that?!
day two of Disneyland. So far there has been only one meltdown. They tried to measure Zeno for the flying over California ride and he was like a centameter short.
Other than that David has been better about balancing time for the whole family and time with me.
I've seen a few Abraham Lincoln beards.
remind me never to go to Disneyland with David and Zeno again.

Man, I don't see how people can do it.
What do y'all think of the Space elevator idea?
Are we supposed to have stuff sticking out like that? What if it makes Earth more wobbly, or something weird like that?
I think it would be cool if it works.
[Error: unknown template qotd] Sleeping. It's my favorite. :)


Aug. 21st, 2008 02:20 pm

Which Egyptian God(dess) Are YOU?
created with QuizFarm.com
You scored as Ptah

You are Ptah. Ptah created the universe with the help of Khnum and Djehuty (Thoth). He ordered the chaos that was the Nun by speaking. He is the patron of craftspeople. He is portrayed as a mummiform man holding scepters of life, stability and dominion.








































Does anyone remember a few years back, there was a princess, or some other royalty, who had her room done up with jewel beetles made into patterns, and there was a chandelier, etc?
I'm trying to find pictures to show my friend. Any help would be appreciated.
Anyone else obsessed with Stevie Nicks? I've had this Fleetwood Mac thing going on since high-school. I get obsessed, and that is the only thing on my turn table for weeks.
Stevie haunts me. Her voice haunts me. Her aire haunts me. She makes me feel a sense of meaning and of suffering (I can't explain it, it's a trance thing).
The music is an interface into these strange people, who I am endlessly curious about.

I love, love, love this song "Silver Springs", but never heard it before the live album The Dance from 1997. I was listening to it today, and I got to thinking what's up with this haunting, beautiful song?
Well, it was from the Rumours songs, but at the last minute they told her it wasn't going on the album. It ended up as a B side, all but lost and forgotten.

It reappeared later, I guess it was their reunion concert stuff. And the last night of the show, when they performed this song, it was a like a moment in time when her and Lindsey Buckingham were in love again. Working it out, getting closure.

She was only married once, to her best friends widower, and it lasted 3 months.
I believe she has carried a torch for Buckingham her whole life. She never had her own children.

She spends a great deal of her time doing charity work.
[Error: unknown template qotd]Xanadu soundtrack, I was 7 or so.
I just discovered the random journal button. Joy!
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